CWNE #246

Tonight at around 20:15 CEST I got a mail from CWNP. It was a mail I have been waiting for for more that just a couple of weeks.

Congratulations, your CWNE application has been approved. You are now CWNE 246 and should see this reflected in your profile. The CWNA, CWSP, CWAP and CWDP certifications have all been renewed as well.

Becoming a CWNE has been a dream and a goal for many years. Where the CCIE Wireless covered all configuration options to deliver a great Cisco solution, it kind of skips over some of the “black magic” that happens on layer 1. The CWNE covers all of the black magic. Being a CCIE Wireless, the CWNE will be my secret sauce.

Some thought on the CWNP program

I must say, the most important part of the CWNP program is the CWNA. Everyone that works with Wi-Fi should get a CWNA.

CWSP, CWDP and CWAP are great and will specialise your in each topic, but if you have worked a lot with wireless the exams will not be that hard.

The two most difficult parts of my CWNE journey were the CWNA and the CWNE application.

The CWNE application took weeks to complete.

I did my application in a job application format. I included frontpage, table on content, foreword about me, essays and appendix with certifications.

I selected 3 different topics for my project essays:

  1. Wireless QoS project
  2. HD RF Design for conference center
  3. Security, BYOD & RBAC project

(I must thank Ronald van Kleunen @Globeron for guidance regarding the essays.)

Writing the essays took longer than expected. I wanted to make sure to include pictures, screenshots and wireshark dumps from the different project. Each essay is limited to 1000 words so adding a screenshot from a Ekahau report or from a Wireshark dump will not count in the 1000 words.

To final application was 18 pages + Appendix. My estimate is that I used around 15-20 hours to make it perfect. But I loved every hour.

If you are thinking about going for the CWNE my advice is to go for it! And if you need someone to read your application before submitting, feel free to contact me.

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