CWAP – Passed

Today I passed the CWAP. The one I feared the most. Actually I feared having to know every bit in a 802.11 header by heart. But the CWAP included multiple other subjects like troubleshooting wired issues, most typical wireless issues, using protocol analyzers, spectrum analyzers and QoS issues. All the stuff a wireless engineer use on a daily basic.

I used the CWAP study guide, but must admit I didn’t read all of it. I used 1 day browsing subject and just reading the stuff I needed to clarify. Like remembering the Interframe space types by size.

Small note on IFS:

  • RIFS (Introduced in 802.11n greenfield, not in 802.11ac, will most likely die)
  • SIFS (Normally the shortest one used, used after ACK, CTS)
  • PIFS (Not really implemented. Build for Point Coordination – read AP)
  • DIFS (Non WMM clients)
  • AIFS (Used with Access Category – WMM clients)
  • EIFS (Used after a frame was received that contained errors)

I needed to build a phrase (Ralph Shall Personally Dictate All Equipment).

All in all the CWAP is a great book for teaching troubleshooting, but if you have used a spectrum analyzer and Wireshark before you will be able to skip a few chapters.


Well that is all four. Time to work on that CWNE application.

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