Hostel Wifi – Best Wifi in town

So I got a project to help a customer implement WiFi in a soon to open new Hostel.


The customer knows that young people will demand great WiFi and that they will use is heavily. They actually put a big fat yellow sticker on all of their marketing material and their website staying this hostel has the Best Wifi in Town.

Fair enough. Being called into the project early makes almost anything possible.

A few months back I saw this great list for Hotel Wifi on Twitter.


I expected to be able to follow each and every point and hopefully deliver a great WiFi solution to the end customers. But early into the project I had to swallow my first camel. My initial idea of doing a low power Cisco 1810w access-point in every room was shot down. The patch drops for access-points were already completed and delivered in the hallway and the price for getting drops in every room was not in the budget. After explaining the customer that this wasn’t optimal we continued with a design based on access-points in the hallway. After an initial site survey to measure attenuation and looking for neighbor WiFi I completed a simulated design in Ekahau. But no matter how much I tried I still had issues in the far corners of the building. An access-points in the corner rooms were needed. Either that or no WiFi coverage.

1 week later I got the extra drop in the corner rooms on each of the 5 floors.

Today I went over the access-point installation plan with the customers CTO and the electrician doing the installation. It should be possible to install the access-points below celling pipes, wires and decorations.

The hostel is suppose to open in a few weeks and I really really hope their project plan & budget will allow for me to do a floor-walk survey before opening. But for now it is in the customers WiFi engineer’s hands.


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