CWDP Passed

2 months ago I passed the CWSP and it was really easy. Today I passed CWDP and I’m right back with both feet on the ground. It isn’t that the CWDP was dead hard, but it wasn’t a next, next, finish, pass exam.

I have used the eLearning material from CWNP and even though the hours of video are very limited they got me through. The Ekahau training Keith Parsons gave 4 months ago might also had an effect.

I must admit that I have been way to kind to hand over a lot of the RF Designing to my colleagues for a couple of years. I love doing presales meetings, high level designs, low level designs, installation projects, but I don’t love drawing walls in Ekahau. Some of my colleagues love doing the RF design, but fear the presales “sing and dance show”. So for a couple of years we have optimized by helping each other. That did not help me to today.

It’s not that I can think up the right answer, but I didn’t feel as sharp as I normally do when taking an exam. So here goes: “I, Ralph Olsen, promise to not only do the interesting RF Designs myself, but also more of the every day designs”.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-27 kl. 22.31.22

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