Ekahau Training

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAxNAAAAJGJhN2FhMjQ2LTliZDYtNGQxZC1hMmMzLWRlYzIxNTM1OTlhNgI have spend the last 4 days getting Ekahau training and getting the Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer certification. The legendary Keith Parsons held a class in our facilities in Brondby, Denmark. I had heard a lot about Keith. Mostly good stuff but also his dislike of 40Mhz channels and Radio Ressource Management. So I came in Monday well prepared ready to speak my case. After this week it turns out that Keith and I agree on most design aspects. No need for me to try and wrestle Mr. Parsons. We both want to use as wide a channel as the design allows. I like trying to design for 40Mhz, but if you can’t control your CCI you will need to go to 20Mhz. Regarding the RRM we agree that it isn’t optimal, but in most of my customers installations it will be the only option.

But the four days with Keith put a lot into perspective. The days were well spend.

First of all I take with me the Planning cycle:

  • Primary Coverage
  • Seondary Coverage
  • Co-Channel Interference
  • Min Data Rate
  • SNR
  • Capasity


And I’m embarrassed to admit it, but when reading an antenna pattern I’ve never thought about that the signal didn’t stop at edge of the azimuth or elevation pattern. This is so obvious but it’s just been easier to look at the pattern as “here is coverage”. This I’ll never forget. I felt so dumb.

I also learned that even with Ekahau Site Survey for OS X, I’m going to get a Windows machine next time.

Keith also covered a lot of the CWNA material. I have had the CWNA study guide for years now, but I just started reading the CWNA cover to cover a few months back (is kind of missing the last 2-3 chapters). Anyway I think I’ll take a try at the CWNA exam in a couple of weeks.

All in all. Thank you Mr. Parsons.


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