Finally a Cisco 802.11ac Wave-2 AP


So Cisco is going to use Cisco Live in Berlin to officially launch their 2800/3800. The 2800/3800 series will be the first Cisco 802.11ac wave-2 access-points with Cisco’s own chipset.

Cisco says that they have completely changed the underlying architecture of the access-point to make it possible to utilize multiple cores.

With this access-points series Cisco also presents the software defined radio. Meaning that besides the normal 5Ghz radio the 2.4Ghz radio can also be changed to be a 5Ghz radio. So in installations were you would normally turn  off multiple 2.4Ghz radios you can now use that radio for a different purpose.

I’l looking forward to see what use cases can be utilized from this feature.

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